About Us

Carmar Superyacht Services

Founded in the eighties by engineer Carlo Tricoli, son of the ship-owner and maritime agent Giuseppe, CARMAR continues a family company existing since 1937, working with great quality, competence and offering a wide range of services, first of all the activities of bunkering, supply of diesel, lubricants oil and yacht assistance.

Carmar Superyacht ServicesThe company is active both in the basin of the Porto Vecchio (Quay Sud, South entrance), as well as in the Porto Nuovo, commercial harbour (Quay Giunti, North entrance), where it is possible to accommodate yacht of any size, superyacht over 220 m.

In fact, since August 2009, it has enabled a new and modern dock for diesel, assistance and mooring services on Quay Giunti, inside the Porto Nuovo, anticipating the process of industrial restructuring and upgrading to tourism, which will bring the long-awaited development of the new Marina Crotone.

1-Foto-antica-porto-vecchio99The main aim of the CARMAR group is to guarantee the highest satisfaction of its clients, partners and guests, providing the most expeditious and friendly assistance to all necessary request on board.
The mission is to advance together.